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  1. Mercedes tells Ruby that she must confess to making the lie up.
  2. Wrecked Soviet helicopters lie up every valley, some with their cannons still loaded.
  3. During the day, they lie up in grass, pits, or drains.
  4. On one side of the runway lie up to four more sites for car distributors.
  5. During the day, individuals sometimes lie up in burrows
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  7. The reefs lie up to from the shore, but extend almost to the Entrecasteaux reefs in the northwest.
  8. "Once you lie up on the stand, you have to restore that trust, " said Stephanie Campusano, 13, speaking for the minority.
  9. The grounds are not level, but lie up the side of a slope or hill, irregular in shape, and precipitous on one side.
  10. Women only lie about being younger than they are, while men lie up and down depending on who they are trying to impress,
  11. Although he did not believe he lied up to his own standards, others have praised his qualities of industry, his efficiency and his commitment to his calling.
  12. The submarine was decommissioned from the order of battle on 30 May 1989 . She lied up in Postovaya Bay ( Sovetskaya Gavan ) as of August 2006.
  13. George ( with the help of his friend Will ) manages to keep the lie up until the point where they both tell Eleanor about a play at Will's house.
  14. Because the suspected oil layers lie up to 20, 000 feet below the dunes, drillers are forced to use new and expensive wildcatting tricks, including three-dimensional seismic modeling, digital simulation and high-pressure jetting for super-deep drilling.
  15. What is it about fishing that will make grown human beings skip work to get a sunburn while sweating rivers in a bass boat, or cause a kid to play hooky and lie up on a creek bank somewhere?
  16. At its height it featured several cabins that gangs used to lie up during the harsh Wyoming winters, and it had a livery stable, a corral, livestock, and supplies, with each gang contributing to the upkeep of the site.
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