lie type in a sentence

  1. Similarly, many groups of Lie type are Hurwitz.
  2. Special branches include Weyl groups, Coxeter groups, and Groups of Lie type.
  3. Next comes, G 2 ( 4 ) being an exceptional group of Lie type.
  4. In particular, over finite fields, they give rise to finite groups of Lie type.
  5. In some other sources, the Tits group is regarded as neither sporadic nor of Lie type.
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  7. I'm trying to understand the Deligne Lusztig theory for characters of groups of Lie type.
  8. These correspond roughly to groups of Lie type of ranks 1 or 2 over fields of characteristic 2.
  9. Alternating groups sometimes behave as if they were groups of Lie type over the field with one element.
  10. BN-pairs can be used to prove that many groups of Lie type are simple modulo their centers.
  11. The finite analogues of the classical groups are the "'classical groups of Lie type " '.
  12. There is a bewildering number of " accidental " isomorphisms between various small groups of Lie type ( and alternating groups ).
  13. Over arbitrary fields, another class of finite groups that have a good representation theory are the finite groups of Lie type.
  14. The smallest crystallographic hyperplane arrangement, Weyl groupoid, generalized root system, which is not of ordinary Lie type, is as follows.
  15. As the name suggests, many of the groups of Lie type over the field with 2 elements are groups of GF ( 2 )-type.
  16. 蓆ale cohomology quickly found other applications, for example Deligne and Lusztig used it to construct representations of finite groups of Lie type; see Deligne Lusztig theory.
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