lie to you for your love in a sentence

  1. The follow-up " I'd Lie to You for Your Love ( And That's the Truth ) " failed to chart . " Light House " came to be Carnes'last album with EMI America.
  2. He also released " Looks Like Trouble " in 1984, which had disappointing sales, and the only single released " I'd Lie to you for Your Love " received little airplay, and was later turned into a country hit by The Bellamy Brothers.
  3. The compilation received a positive review from Thom Jurek of " Allmusic ", who praised Carnes's lesser-known songs such as " I'd Lie to You for Your Love " and " Abadabadango ", stating that Carnes's voice " makes them work . " He went on to say that her " ability to choose or write songs that highlighted the many smoky shades in that voice is uncanny ."
  4. During the 1970s and 1980s Barry also scored numerous hit songs on the Gary Stewart, " Sayin'Hello, Sayin'I Love You, Sayin'Goodbye " by Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius, " Lie To You For Your Love " by The Bellamy Brothers, a remake of " Chip Chip " ( originally a 1962 Gene McDaniels pop smash ) by Patsy Sledd, and " Walkin'In The Sun " by Glen Campbell.
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