lie to me in a sentence

"lie to me" in Chinese  
  1. He lied to me, and now he is lying ( again ),
  2. Trice Harvey lied to me, face to face and man to man,
  3. He had absolutely no reason to lie to me or to Brian,
  4. He admittedly lied to me when he first told me about it.
  5. When I talked to him about the gambling, he lied to me.
  6. It's difficult to find lie to me in a sentence.
  7. Throughout the interview I had with them, they continuously lied to me,
  8. Sheila is devious : " Best case scenario, she lied to me,"
  9. By summer, " Lie to Me " was a hit single.
  10. Life hasn't been the same since Bill Gates lied to me.
  11. I knew in my heart he would never lie to me.
  12. I cannot imagine that such sincere people would lie to me.
  13. But I feel the guy who wrote the ESPN story lied to me.
  14. I won't lie to you, and you don't lie to me.
  15. Lie to me once in a while, " he says with a laugh.
  16. I was emotional because I felt the villagers lied to me.
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