lie on in a sentence

"lie on" in Chinese  
  1. People are frustrated that CEOs and CFOs can basically lie on paperwork.
  2. The Balkan states lie on main transit routes between Asia and Europe.
  3. There is no such thing as a flat lie on this course.
  4. These basins lie on approximately 12 . 5 acres of the tract.
  5. The remains of more than 200 seats lie on the hangar floor.
  6. It's difficult to find lie on in a sentence.
  7. There are two long muscles that lie on top of the abdomen.
  8. They need only prove that a subject lied on US entry forms.
  9. No wonder children lie on their backs and see elephants in clouds.
  10. The women were told to lie on their stomachs and not move.
  11. Sasha loves to lie on my stomach while I rub his back.
  12. The quarreling counties lie on the frontier of Tibetan and Chinese civilizations.
  13. What you should not have done was lie on a job application.
  14. He then orders her to undress and lie on the bed.
  15. Two counts of attempted murder were ordered to lie on file.
  16. Even the belts lie on the waist rather than cinch it.
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