lie low in a sentence

"lie low" meaning  "lie low" in Chinese  
  1. The reverses forced Meiyappan to lie low but only for a while.
  2. The last three months, I have compelled my staff to lie low.
  3. Jack and Anya lie low for a night at a large house.
  4. Art should lie low until October and then come out of hiding.
  5. By this time, London is being evacuated and Willingdon decides to lie low.
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  7. In other words, Britain's republicans had better lie low for now.
  8. "I told her to lie low, play possum, " he said.
  9. Mine operators know to lie low and wait for the storm to pass.
  10. Phillip stops Holly from returning to her apartment, instructing her to lie low.
  11. "There's also ` Lie low and wait till you're old'award, " she said.
  12. While many companies lie low during legal troubles, Microsoft took the opposite tack.
  13. He continued to lie low until the liberation of France.
  14. Philpott said he expected the cat to lie low while digesting his latest feast.
  15. Usually the most visible and voluble of businessmen, Berezovsky chose to lie low Tuesday.
  16. They were just ordered to lie low and keep quiet,
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