lie kim hok in a sentence

  1. He changed the printer's name to Lie Kim Hok soon afterwards.
  2. Among his classmates was Lie Kim Hok, who would later become known as a writer.
  3. Lie Kim Hok ( 1853 1912 ) was a journalist and teacher who wrote extensively in the creole.
  4. He also wrote several novels and biographies, including ones on Tan Sie Tat and Lie Kim Hok.
  5. The following year Meulenhoff brought on Lie Kim Hok, a gulden Lie bought half of the shares in the company.
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  7. The play is an adaptation of Lie Kim Hok's 1884 poem " Sair Tjerita Siti Akbari ".
  8. Lie Kim Hok is the Chinese-Indonesian author of the 200-page poem " Sair Tjerita Siti Akbari ".
  9. He also wrote a biography of Lie Kim Hok, published in 1958, commemorating the 105th anniversary of the latter's birth.
  10. Lie Kim Hok was one of the earliest Chinese Indonesian writers and is known as the father of Chinese Malay literature, but his oeuvre has been little studied.
  11. An 1884 Malay-language syair ( poem ) by Lie Kim Hok that was indirectly adapted from Raja Ali Haji's 1846 poem " Sjair Abdoel Moeloek ".
  12. "Syair Abdul Muluk " has been considered the source material for Lie Kim Hok's 1884 work " Sair Tjerita Siti Akbari ", published in Batavia.
  13. Printing rights were soon acquired by Lie's Bogor-based printing house, also named Lie Kim Hok, and the first edition under this leadership was published on 1 June 1886.
  14. Lie Kim Hok's printing press was retained for several months, before the press  including its stock and printing rights for " Pembrita Betawi "  was sold to Albrecht.
  15. Possibly inspired by a poem of the same name by Lie Kim Hok, the film featured Roekiah in the title role, portraying a long-suffering wife who remains faithful to her husband despite his infidelity.
  16. Some of the earliest were " syair " ( poems ), published in 1907 by Lie Kim Hok and Tjiang O . S . respectively in 1897; both were adaptations of " Tjerita Njai Dasima ".
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