lie into in a sentence

"lie into" in Chinese  
  1. This allows them to turn the lie into a justifiable excuse : Hey, she looked 18.
  2. "It was clear we were being lied into a war again, " he said.
  3. For example, he's just added a brazen lie into an article about the Iraq war.
  4. A diplomat may turn a lie into a  constructive ambiguity  which is a way of defining poetry.
  5. "The Europeans shouldn't lie into their pockets and make pretty conventions that cannot be realized,"
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  7. The first came on the par-3 15th, Woods'sixth hole of the day, when he chipped from a bad lie into the water.
  8. Then, he got a good bounce off a spectator's neck to stay in bounds on the 18th, and hit a 5-iron from a hardpan lie into 15 feet for the winning birdie.
  9. A Ryder Cup rookie comes to the last hole facing a 200-yard shot from a downhill lie into an elevated green, with the match against Europe's best team on the line, and sends it soaring into the green 20 feet from the hole?

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