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  1. The NBC mogul is not merely choosing to lie in the gutter.
  2. I have never lied in the performance of my journalistic duties.
  3. The difficulty does not lie in the age of the universe.
  4. Did he tell a lie in the court case in January?
  5. But others lie in the wide zones controlled by coastal nations.
  6. It's difficult to find lie in in a sentence.
  7. The answers could lie in making the technology even more sophisticated.
  8. She was fully prepared to lie in the Paula Jones investigation.
  9. The drug scandal of the Olympics does not lie in weightlifting.
  10. A good part of the answer may lie in their hormones.
  11. The attraction of these machines does not lie in their beauty.
  12. It was not yet clear whether he would lie in state.
  13. The answer will likely lie in the larger semiconductor business cycle.
  14. Many children and adults were now cursed to lie in bed.
  15. The answers to a lot of scientific questions lie in Vietnam.
  16. The answer may lie in the economic environment of the 1990s.
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