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  1. Just what plot twists now lie in store is less than clear.
  2. Even more calamitous surprises could lie in store, including disruptions in the Atlantic Ocean currents that help warm Europe.
  3. So Qiu's story provides a glimpse of what might lie in store for those people, and their relatives.
  4. On a rare day off from work, Nina explores Rome and begins to sense the wonderful possibilities that may lie in store for her.
  5. A sleepy city four hours by bus from the capital, Pyongyang, Sinuiju seems to know little about what may lie in store for it.
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  7. Shooting at Jerusalem is seen as especially sensitive by Israeli officials, and army officers have suggested that stiffer retaliation could lie in store if the firing does not stop.
  8. Strong is more concerned about getting his defense ready for Miami quarterback Brock Berlin and the Hurricanes'strong running game than what may lie in store for him down the road.
  9. Zebrowski said, " quieter than I might have expected, " perhaps reflecting on what could lie in store for his wife, who did not come to the phone.
  10. :" Indeed, BG Lee reflected the concerns of the leadership generally by pointing out the dangers that might lie in store if the Party did not work actively to involve the nation s youth.
  11. Gunaratne s work will go a long way in so far discovering the richest wealth of communication principles, practices, theories and models that lie in store in the Asian philosophical repertoire, especially Indian.
  12. Given those benefits and the many more that lie in store, this new program of human space exploration beyond low earth orbit is a vital link to the future of the United States and the world.
  13. With the stroke of a pen, Axmark freed himself from the anonymity, the misunderstandings and the tired jokes that lie in store for the millions of people with " sen " names in Denmark.
  14. Game also has been featured in TV programs, such as " Bez Vinta " on Gameland TV . Other remarks center upon the game's unfinished nature, as well as hope for what may lie in store for the future.
  15. Coastal Louisiana is literally sinking into the sea, drowning places such as Isle de Jean Charles and giving the rest of North America an alarming glimpse of what may lie in store in the 21st century if sea levels rise as much as some scientists expect.
  16. United's steps toward a pension termination are being closely watched, not only by the airline's own employees and retirees, but by workers at other airlines and other sectors of the economy, who fear a similar fate may one day lie in store for them.
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