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  1. Even now, many of the city's landmark buildings lie in ruins.
  2. In Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, three more Danubian bridges lie in ruins.
  3. Today only very few structures of the camp lie in ruins, barely recognizable.
  4. The island is now uninhabited, and most of its buildings lie in ruins.
  5. The Armenian quarter continued to lie in ruins until the beginning of the 1960s.
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  7. Entire neighborhoods in the ZOS still lie in ruins.
  8. Today, the castle and town lie in ruins, which are still visible on the site.
  9. Vast neighborhoods of Kabul lie in ruins, destroyed by bitter factional fighting between 1992 and 1996.
  10. After weeks of heavy bombing, much of Yugoslavia's economic base must lie in ruins by now.
  11. But the streets are straighter and the facades are cleaner, and many buildings lie in ruins.
  12. Endless city blocks lie in ruin and rubble.
  13. Its stock market may lie in ruins.
  14. Elsewhere, 10, 000 trees lie in ruin.
  15. However, the fortifications now lie in ruins.
  16. Entire neighborhoods of Kabul lie in ruins, devastated by two decades of relentless fighting between rival Islamic factions.
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