lie in bed in a sentence

"lie in bed" in Chinese  
  1. Others would lie in bed, afraid of going out of the house.
  2. I though they might have wanted to lie in bed till lunchtime,
  3. "Or else we lie in bed so stressed we can't sleep ."
  4. Doug and his three amigos lie in bed and watch the game.
  5. "It's possible to lie in bed and watch the moon's arc ."
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  7. When you have a cold, you need to lie in bed.
  8. All I do is lie in bed and cry and holler for Lutha.
  9. With bad feedback, you just lie in bed for three days.
  10. Many children and adults were now cursed to lie in bed.
  11. He would lie in bed at night thinking " You'll never act again.
  12. We would lie in bed at night listening to classical music-Beethoven.
  13. Father Tim and ( wife ) Cynthia often lie in bed and talk.
  14. She'd lie in bed, waiting for the next dose of whatever.
  15. During the radiation therapy, I just wanted to lie in bed and disappear.
  16. They simply lie in bed and bond over their personal lives.
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