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  1. Rossen s men lie in ambush for Jeff and Carrancho in the mountains.
  2. &The Autobots lie in ambush in a forest and wait for the Decepticons'assault.
  3. Officials said soldiers were ordered to lie in ambush rather than moving to search for the missing infiltrators.
  4. Freddy and Jinx the cat lie in ambush at the money drop site, but are terrified by the appearance along a dark road of a headless horseman.
  5. In Julian's sector, the Caesar despatched squadrons of cavalry to lie in ambush on three roads and these successfully intercepted and destroyed the returning barbarian bands.
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  7. The eels plop down and you reel them back, ever so slowly, presenting them as easy victims for the big, migratory fish that lie in ambush by the boulders.
  8. Creek returns to the Troll village where using Poppy's cowbell, he lures the other Trolls out of hiding, letting them be captured by Chef and the other Bergen kitchen staff, who lie in ambush.
  9. In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict of the last 11 months, it has become a fine target for Palestinian gunmen, who can lie in ambush, wait for an Israeli car, fire away and dissolve into nearby villages.
  10. Ponds and lakes with dirt banks, rather than grassy shorelines, will attract more watering doves because they provide the birds a more open view of their surroundings and fewer places for predators, such as snakes, to lie in ambush.
  11. :: This is in fact a very good example of one of the major problems that many WP processes face; enemies simply lie in ambush waiting for an opportunity to wreak their revenge, even if they have to fabricate the evidence to do so.
  12. As he expected, Jiang Wei had indeed sent troops to lie in ambush for three days . However, the historian Pei Songzhi pointed out that it made no sense for Jiang Wei to set up the ambush because he did not know that Wei reinforcements would show up when he was besieging Didao so the ambush would not have served its purpose.
  13. Even with the further ministrations of Boito in the 1881 reworking, the libretto drew this bemused assessment from Filippo Filippi, who reviewed the revised opera for La Preservanza : " There is no rhyme or reason nor any apparent justification of the strange comings and goings of the characters; traitors hang around to administer poisons most comfortably into glasses set up on purpose; prisoners walk freely around the Doge's palace and can lie in ambush to kill him . . . People always arrive on time to prepare or disentangle a catastrophe ."
  14. At 5 a . m . on the 8th, the enemy's ships suddenly dispersed, and Sun K'ai-hua, feeling assured from certain indications that a force would be landed, directed Kung Chan-ao, the officer in charge of the right wing of the Cho Sheng regiment, to conceal himself in a place known as Chia Chang, or " dummy creek, " Li Ting-ming, who commanded the central division of the same regiment, having orders to lie in ambush in a place called Yu-ch'e K'ou, while Fan Hui-yi, officer in command of the rear division, was directed to hold himself in the rear.

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