lie idle in a sentence

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  1. Others lie idle because of shortages of fertilizer, seeds and plowing equipment.
  2. Many lie idle for years, if not decades, after a conflict ends.
  3. Two thirds of its factories lie idle at any given time.
  4. Sacks of soybeans, wheat and rice lie idle in the sun.
  5. After the games, most of the new cars would lie idle, he said.
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  7. Many lie idle for years, if not decades, after the end of a conflict.
  8. The Crown named a new administrator for the mines, but they continued to lie idle.
  9. The mines south of the town lie idle, the factories to the north are gutted.
  10. The factories have been wrecked and lie idle.
  11. However, these plans lie idle for the moment despite the suitable conditions the mountain offers for winter sports.
  12. The dugout canoes lie idle on the rocks, for the men will not be pulling their nets tonight.
  13. The FIDS survey party was forced to lie idle there by a whirlwind snowstorm, thus suggesting the name.
  14. A dozen jet skis lie idle.
  15. The huge cranes that pull concrete slabs to the top lie idle as workers squat on empty trucks.
  16. When cellular phones no longer ring on Bikini beach and rows of jet skis lie idle, you know something's wrong.
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