lie about in a sentence

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  1. They say Iraq has lied about the material and has hidden it.
  2. I strongly rebuke Professor Ellis for his lie about his military experience,
  3. He added that many of them had lied about their immigration status.
  4. He also said Bacanovic pressured him to lie about the transaction.
  5. The authors have claimed that Gandhi lied about the train incident.
  6. It's difficult to find lie about in a sentence.
  7. Is extramarital sex the one thing a husband should lie about?
  8. Both lied about their criminal pasts and were accepted to UNCW.
  9. Apparently Tommy Meadow lied about it to conceal the secret trip.
  10. And we knew that we had both lied about our ages!
  11. Or have an affair with an intern and lie about it.
  12. He also lied about being offered a basketball scholarship at UCLA.
  13. If he lied about this what else did he lie about.
  14. Most admit bafflement at why he would lie about his father.
  15. He had to lie about his age so he could work,
  16. Attorneys for the three defendants said Arana lied about what happened.
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