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  1. He died on 23 March 1589 in Heilsberg ( Lidzbark WarmiDski ).
  2. It is located on the Wel river and Lake Lidzbark.
  3. Brodnica was recaptured, and the Soviets began their retreat towards Lidzbark.
  4. Lidzbark WarmiDski was once the capital of Warmia and formerly its largest city.
  5. Within Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship it lies in DziaBdowo County ( Gmina Lidzbark ).
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  7. It is the capital of Lidzbark County.
  8. Burchard was born in Heilsberg ( modern Lidzbark WarmiDski, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship ).
  9. Brodnica, CzBuch體, Lidzbark WarmiDski ).
  10. He died on 7 February in Lidzbark WarmiDski and was buried in the cathedral in Frombork.
  11. WBadysBaw II JagieBBo led his army through Lidzbark on July 9, 1410 before the Battle of Grunwald.
  12. Its biggest city is Olsztyn, while the historical capital was Lidzbark WarmiDski; another large town is Braniewo.
  13. As Frombork ( Frauenburg ) was occupied by the Swedes, he resided in Lidzbark WarmiDski ( Heilsberg ).
  14. They captured a stronghold at Heilsberg ( Lidzbark WarmiDski ), the rebel headquarters, and the uprising ended.
  15. In 1466 Lidzbark became part of the Polish province Royal Prussia after the Second Peace of Thorn ( 1466 ).
  16. It lies approximately east of Orneta, west of Lidzbark WarmiDski, and north-west of the regional capital Olsztyn.
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