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  1. Lidya Ivanova first became famous for her roles in small ballet.
  2. Lidya Marko, 63, was heading home from a dental appointment.
  3. Lidya Matveyovna, 71, said as she fingered the cement walls of a punishment cell.
  4. Kernberg spent too little time with Elian for a proper evaluation, said Dr . Lidya Usategui, a Miami child psychiatrist.
  5. In particular, Tyyne won the national 10 km title in 1949 1951, beating Lidya in 1951, but retiring the same year.
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  7. Rosalina Atu shut out Christina Sorensen 3-0, but Camilla Martin outlasted Lidya Djaelawijaya 3-1 to prevent a complete Indonesian romp.
  8. Mexican mezzo-soprano Lidya Rend髇 starred as Antonieta, in a staging by Antonio Morales and Rosa Blanes Rex, conducted by Enrique Barrios.
  9. A morning spent in Judge Lidya Vladimirovna Sorokin's courtroom ( where reporters are welcome, but news photographers aren't ) is instructive.
  10. "Elections are the only legitimate way of coming to power, " said Lidya Yermoshina, the head of Belarus'Central Elections Commission.
  11. Russia's Lidya Vasilevskaya holds the women's best mark for the course with her time of 2 : 29 : 23 hours from 2002.
  12. After his return to Russia, Babel decided to move in with Pirozhkova, beginning a common law marriage which would ultimately produce a daughter, Lidya Babel.
  13. But Lidya Ceballos, 45, who came to Miami from El Salvador, knows how it is to look back on a government with hostility, and even fear.
  14. In the women's singles, top-seeded Ye Zhaoying of China easily eliminated eighth-seeded Lidya Djaelawidjaya of Indonesia 11-4, 11-4.
  15. A number of prominent Indonesians have adopted trees in support of this initiative, including Olga Lidya, Teten Masduki, Ayu Utami, Jimmly Asshiddiqie, and Nia Dinata.
  16. But Indonesia has said it would send 1996 finalist Jeffer Rosobin, plus George Rimarodi and Hendrawan, for the men's singles and Lidya Djaelawijaya for the women's singles.
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