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  1. Librarian Dorothy Buchanan leaned into the office to welcome Matyastik back.
  2. Shelley Holley, children's librarian, was especially eloquent.
  3. Dorothy Porter Wesley, former librarian at Howard University, Washington.
  4. Once encyclopedias were ordered largely by librarians and occasionally by teachers.
  5. On his retirement in 1972, he was named librarian emeritus.
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  7. And it was hardly the genteel South of the school librarians.
  8. SQL Server acts as the data librarian of a computer network.
  9. Anitra Steele, a librarian and mother of two, agreed.
  10. "Today is beautiful, " a librarian said.
  11. The librarian snickers and calls me " Hopalong ."
  12. High schools fare better; most have functioning libraries with librarians.
  13. Who but critics, dogged collectors or librarians would purchase them?
  14. Some analysts predict the librarians like Kennedy could be dinosaurs themselves.
  15. But on-line catalogs are getting better, librarians say.
  16. The foundation emphasize teaching librarians how to use the new technologies.
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