liberty 37 in a sentence

  1. Many bands could have given up at this point, but not Liberty 37.
  2. A UK tour with Bullyrag saw Liberty 37 spread the word around the country for the first time.
  3. "Liberty 37 piss over so many mediocre acts of the same ilk currently selling millions of albums, and they're for real.
  4. Liberty 37 were included in Rock Sound's critic's poll of the top 50 albums of 1999 for The Greatest Gift and again in 2001 for God Machine.
  5. Travis Inc made enough of an impression during their brief incarnation to feature as " ones to watch " in Kerrang !'s Class Of 1998 feature, where they were described as " Soaring, uplifting, but still bruising-Radiohead gone hardcore . " That snap assessment was a neat encapsulation of Liberty 37's strength-an ability to pile up intense layers of guitars without sacrificing melody or obliterating delicate shades of feeling.
  6. It's difficult to find liberty 37 in a sentence.

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