liberty high school in a sentence

  1. It is near the Liberty High School, home of the Hawks.
  2. Liberty High School was built in the area in 2003.
  3. Reed graduated from Liberty High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
  4. Wilkinson was a member of the freshman basketball team at Liberty High School.
  5. Liberty High School's mascot is a lion.
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  7. Liberty High School served all of Bethlehem until Freedom High School was built.
  8. The programs offered at Liberty High School currently are:
  9. Liberty High School has the Cambridge International Examination Program.
  10. They remained there until 1947, when they moved to Liberty High School.
  11. Maura graduated from Liberty High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in 1967.
  12. North Penn-Liberty High School employed 22 teachers.
  13. The Liberty High School Breakfast Club is primarily headed up by Bruce Failla.
  14. In 2008, they won first place with Liberty High School coming in second.
  15. HISD also operates Liberty High School, a charter high school for recent immigrants.
  16. Liberty High School participates in the Advancement Via Individual Determination ( AVID ) program.
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