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  1. A freedman of the emperor might have the filiation, " Augusti libertus ".
  2. The building is later named after Libertus van Bokkelen, State Superintendent of Public Instruction ( 1864 1867)
  3. Her death enrages Libertus, causing him to leave the Kingsglaive and join a group of Lucian rebels.
  4. Flavia decides to lay a trap for the dog-killing thief, which the guilty Libertus falls into.
  5. Drautos then appears, but he is attacked by Libertus, who reveals that Drautos is in fact Glauca.
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  7. After fending off Glauca, Nyx returns the Ring to Lunafreya before entrusting her to Libertus, telling them to flee.
  8. During one such operation, Nyx defies his orders to withdraw to rescue his friend Libertus from one of Niflheim's Daemons.
  9. The detective in the stories, named Libertus, is a pavement-maker, whose expertise in mosaic patterns parallels his skill in resolving puzzling crimes.
  10. Following a lead from Cordius's freedman Libertus, they suspect a sailor called Avitus who hates dogs because his daughter died of rabies after being bitten.
  11. In the church tower there is an automatic carillon by Libertus van den Burgh, from 1689 . In the tower the mechanical clock was installed in 1927.
  12. In some circumstances he could even ask a magistrate to turn the " libertus " into a slave once again ( " accusatio ingrati " ).
  13. The patron could punish a disobedient " libertus ", In older times he could even kill him ( " ius vitae necisque " ), but later he could not.
  14. The slave's former master now became his patron ( " patronus " ), and the " libertus " still had obligations towards him ( this was regulated by law ).
  15. Berissa was a Latin bishopric as late as the 15th century, when Paul II appointed the Franciscan Libertus de Broehun to succeed the deceased bishop, John ( Wadding, Annales Minorum, VI, 708 ).
  16. As a social class, freed slaves were " liberti ", though later Latin texts used the terms " libertus " and " libertini " interchangeably . " Libertini " were not entitled to hold senatorial rank.
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