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  1. The rigger is Libertino Faussone and the chemist is clearly autobiographical.
  2. All are descendants of Libertino lo Guasto, a Ontario, Canada.
  3. Libertino, a practicing urological surgeon, said he wanted to focus on his medical practice.
  4. All are descendants of Libertino lo Guasto, a foundling born in Serradifalco, Sicily in 1796.
  5. He was nicknamed " il Libertino " due to his frequent choice of salacious themes in cabinet pieces.
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  7. Libertino, 59, will remain as vice chairman of Lahey's board of trustees and chairman of its department of urology.
  8. Dr . David Barrett has been named chief executive of the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, succeeding Dr . John A . Libertino, who will return to his surgical practice full time.
  9. "I work 100 hours a week doing both clinical medicine and administration, " said Libertino, who has been chairman and CEO of the Lahey Clinic for five years.
  10. Edwards has since been largely ignored by mainstream Welsh media but interest was revived after Ankstmusik re-released 1993's classic " Libertino " in a triple disc box set along with the first two studio albums " Wyau " and " Pyst " in 2004.
  11. Despues de todo esto, el filme-que presenta a Perry como Joe, un hombre que entrega citatorios judiciales y une fuerzas con Sara ( Elizabeth Hurley ), una mujer a la que supuestamente debe entregar sus documentos de divorcio, para enfrentar a su libertino esposo ( Bruce Campbell )-finalmente se estrenara el 23 de agosto.
  12. His works of nonfiction include works on idleness ( " L'ozio " ), seduction ( " Elogio del libertino " ), Oscar Wilde Victorian decadence ( " Chi ha guardato negli occhi la bellezza " ), the tragedy of Beatrice Cenci and historical themes concerning the formation and influence of the collective imagination, such as " Le grandi profezie " ( on prophecies from the dawn of human civilization to the modern age ) and on knighthood ( " Gli ordini cavallereschi nel mito e nella storia " ).

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