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  1. One nickel got me a turn of the chocolate milk lever.
  2. Colgate and Lever have newer facilities that are more cost efficient.
  3. They pull levers or push buttons and water squirts from everywhere.
  4. Russia deprived itself of important levers of control over the situation.
  5. They saw it as a lever to use against their parents.
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  7. In return, Hindustan Lever bought Stepan's detergent business.
  8. Each time he pulls the lever, a stitch is made.
  9. That's the only lever it really has ."
  10. Some fuse boxes have a lever switch that controls the power.
  11. That helped provide the lever to pry apart the Soviet empire.
  12. The Liberal lever makes it palatable for them to vote Giuliani.
  13. Lever them up a little bit and then just go home.
  14. They can be released by pulling a lever, he said.
  15. But Washington now has a lever for seeking tighter export restraints.
  16. What are the levers and the leverage points in the system?
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