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  1. Second, the lever arm is getting longer with increased crack length a.
  2. However, unlike these other bits, its shanks have no lever arm.
  3. The higher structural stresses are caused largely due to the longer lever arm.
  4. :Note that you have a much smaller lever arm with the hinge disconnected.
  5. By reducing the lever arm, this decreases the work load on the hip abductors.
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  7. Let's assume the spring moved, the lever arm ratio would be 0.75 : 1.
  8. MAFAC also supplied rubber lever arm covers as an option.
  9. This leverage is achieved when a force is applied to the lever arm or wheel.
  10. In 1982 the Ital changed its Marina-derived front lever arm shock absorbers for telescopic shock absorbers.
  11. where \ tau is the torque, and L _ 0 the rest length of one lever arm.
  12. Lever arm hydraulic shock absorbers were used.
  13. There may also be a lever arm available that will allow the indicator's probe to be retracted easily.
  14. The float linkage may have multiple lever arms, in order to give greater mechanical advantage on the valve.
  15. By increasing the distance the counterweight fell, ancient engineers also increased the rotational speed of the lever arm.
  16. The barrel holding lever arm moves up by action of the trigger, and catches the barrel in forward position.
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