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  1. "We risk going under, " said Leveque.
  2. But for Leveque, new school enrollment fees are too much.
  3. William LeVeque in 1953 constructed U numbers of any desired degree.
  4. Louis Leveque was then added from Local Band " Unruled ".
  5. A-tall lighthouse was erected at Cape Leveque in 1912.
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  7. Leveque was forced to sit out the final with an injury.
  8. This would be Leveque's final game with the Chiefs.
  9. In 1977, the name was officially changed to the LeVeque Tower.
  10. Leveque carried on as a merchant in British Canada for some time.
  11. After one game with the Mission, Leveque was released.
  12. Then there is Dr . Phillip E . Leveque.
  13. The northernmost part of the peninsula is Cape Leveque.
  14. In 2004, Leveque received a tryout with the Sherbrooke Saint-Francois.
  15. Indeed, rarely did Leveque see a T-shirt and only occasionally jeans.
  16. But Leveque said he does not use marijuana.
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