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  1. She was born in Levenwick, Shetland to Margaret and Thomas Mouat, a shoemaker and fisherman.
  2. It is part of the parish of Dunrossness and the Levenwick Health Centre provides medical support for the Dunrossness area.
  3. Today Levenwick is home to a number of artists, including Amy Moncrieff, Anne Bain and James Bruce Thomason.
  4. "' Levenwick "'is a small village about south of Lerwick, on the east side of the South Mainland of Shetland.
  5. He grew up in Levenwick, in Shetland, before his family moved to Edinburgh, Midlothian, when he was nine years old, following the death of his father.
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  7. Dunrossness includes the island of Mousa, Levenwick, St Ninian's Isle, Bigton, Scousburgh, the Lochs of Spiggie and Brow, Little Holm, Horse Holm island and Fair Isle.

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