leventritt in a sentence

  1. In the same year, she received the Leventritt Award.
  2. He was a finalist in the 1967 Leventritt Competition.
  3. Leventritt was born and educated in Manhattan.
  4. He won the Leventritt Award in 1978.
  5. In 1976, De Groote took honours in the Leventritt Competition in New York City.
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  7. The Leventritt was last held in 1976, succumbing to the challenge of becoming a more public competition.
  8. Succeed she did, at 19, when she won the Leventritt Prize, which launched her career.
  9. The winners will have their names inscribed on the Leventritt Trophy and will receive a certificate of recognition.
  10. The trophy honors Peter Leventritt of New York, ACBL president in 1954 and assistant treasurer 1945 46.
  11. Licad went on to reap honors, including the prestigious Leventritt Gold Medal that launched her international career.
  12. Leventritt ( 1915 1997 ) pioneered the use of the Schenken System in partnership with its inventor, Howard Schenken.
  13. She won the major pairs championship for seniors, Leventritt Silver Ribbon Pairs, in 2000 playing with Charles Coon.
  14. And some once-prestigious prizes, like the Leventritt, awarded to pianists from 1940 to 1976, no longer exist.
  15. The American nonplaying captain, John Gerber, made a decision to bench Leventritt, forming an unfamiliar partnership in the process.
  16. The M . Victor and Frances Leventritt Garden opened Sept . 6 at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University in Jamaica Plain.
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