level in a sentence

"level" meaning  "level" in Chinese  
  1. "I mean, I'm keeping the level.
  2. For every minor traffic violation, policyholders would fall two levels.
  3. I always liked working at the level I was working at.
  4. Only " Jurassic Park " reached that level faster.
  5. The sound level was strongest in a second-floor apartment.
  6. It's difficult to find level in a sentence.
  7. She is used for top-level ceremonial functions and entertaining.
  8. But can she continue to compete at that level until 1996?
  9. But Telecom is very important, also at a psychological level.
  10. Carroll has never been a head coach, on any level.
  11. Hidalgo said, noting that train ridership levels were normal Monday.
  12. Our relationship with the Olympic Games is on a high level.
  13. Williams is often invited to high-level White House meetings.
  14. "It's the same game at every level.
  15. Health Triumph Undercut : Lead Levels Still High Among Many Poor Children
  16. "It's a different ballgame at this level.
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