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  1. The old timers won't touch it, LeVeille said.
  2. Bruins captain Raymond Bourque helped escort Leveille around the ice surface.
  3. He was played by Chris Leveille, a Connecticut native.
  4. Lucie Lagare knows Normand Leveille as well as anyone.
  5. Lagare was asked to ask Leveille how his emotions survived the emotional night.
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  7. Leveille was rushed into emergency surgery in an effort to save his life.
  8. LeVeille is a volunteer on the rescue squad.
  9. "We are deeply saddened by Kevin Leveille's death,"
  10. Leveille required life-saving brain surgery that night in Vancouver when his AVM ruptured.
  11. Previously, Leveille had been a member of the Boston Cannons from 2003-05.
  12. Sinden remained for days in Vancouver after Leveille underwent emergency brain surgery to save his live.
  13. Alexander LeVeille, who owns the store with his wife, Sarah, has been noncommittal.
  14. Vion was in frequent contact with resistance activists Leonard Gille, Rene Duchez and Henri Leveille.
  15. Leveille had 25 points the following season and an improved plus / minus of + 14.
  16. Leveille is the niece of Lucy Morgan, the founder of the Penland School of Crafts.
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