lendinvest in a sentence

  1. LendInvest was founded by Christian Faes, a solicitor and Managing Partner of Montello and Ian Thomas, Partner and also a founder of Montello.
  2. LendInvest made a ?.1 million ( $ 4.7 million ) profit in the year to March, up from ?.2 million ( $ 1.8 million ) in 2014.
  3. "' LendInvest "'is a marketplace lending & investing platform for residential and commercial alternative to bank-backed mortgages, of which there has been a drastic decline in the United Kingdom following the Financial Crisis of 2007 08.
  4. In June 2015 LendInvest raised the biggest Series A funding round in UK FinTech so far, after announcing that China's Beijing Kunlun has backed the peer-to-peer lending platform in search of higher returns, as competition in the fast-growing alternative finance sector heats up.
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