lendingtree in a sentence

  1. Wyndham Capital is one of only 11 LendingTree Certified Lenders Nationwide.
  2. LendingTree also provides financing tools, comparative loan searches and borrowing information.
  3. In 2004, LendingTree acquired HomeLoanCenter . com and formed LendingTree Loans.
  4. In 2004, LendingTree acquired HomeLoanCenter . com and formed LendingTree Loans.
  5. LendingTree relies on brokers almost exclusively.
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  7. Another major holding is LendingTree, an online mortgage broker whose stock more than doubled last year.
  8. Today, LendingTree is the anchor of IAC s growing stable of financial services and real estate companies.
  9. He spent four minutes completing a form at www . lendingtree . com, which matches lenders with buyers.
  10. The mortgage process, conducted in partnership with Lendingtree, an on-line loan originator, is fairly straightforward.
  11. The sites are functionally identical, with MoneyRight being a version of Thrive skinned as LendingTree's budgeting site.
  12. Other board members include Richard D . Field, co-founder of the online lending marketplace LendingTree, LLC.
  13. LendingTree Inc ., Charlotte, N . C ., an initial public offering of 3.65 million shares.
  14. During the year, IAC acquired a number of businesses, including uDate, LendingTree and Hotwire . _ _ _=
  15. It's also the only lender on LendingTree's network with 100 % of its Professional Mortgage Consultants certified.
  16. When the broker closes a loan that has been arranged by LendingTree, the site earns an additional $ 35 to $ 400.
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