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  1. Manitoba offers favorable lending terms for capital equipment and software development.
  2. Gramm criticized the state's ban on home equity lending.
  3. When I came to London, lending was our primary activity,
  4. But lending was the bank's best business last quarter.
  5. We have shifted, also, our lending program quite dramatically.
  6. It's difficult to find lendings in a sentence.
  7. Sterling lending was expected to be 4.0 billion pounds.
  8. Lending by banks to private industry and consumers has slowed markedly.
  9. Versace was reporting from Toronto, lending credence to the report.
  10. You've heard of truth-in-lending laws.
  11. OTP's retail and municipal lending is a happier story.
  12. ACU, or Asian currency unit, refers to offshore lending.
  13. Kizu's deposits and lending doubled between 1989 and 1990.
  14. In contrast, multifamily lending shows more promise, he said.
  15. He blamed the sales decline in part on tougher lending standards.
  16. Agrobanka's links with Plzenska Banka go beyond lending money.
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