lendingrobot in a sentence

  1. In the following months, LendingRobot accepted more users while still remaining in private beta.
  2. LendingRobot has been listed as a member of " 30 Hot Fintech Startups to Watch " by Fox Small Business.
  3. "' LendingRobot "'is an automated investment service for Peer-to-peer lending for retail investors.
  4. On 20 November 2015 LendingRobot launched a partnership with Funding Circle to offer its clients access to the fractional business loan market.
  5. LendingRobot added support for the Prosper Marketplace in February 2014, and became registered as Investment Advisor with the SEC in April 2014.
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  7. LendingRobot was originally created as a small script by Emmanuel Marot and Gilad Golan to automate their own, personal investments on Lending Club.
  8. On 4 April 2016 LendingRobot launched the first multi-marketplace monitoring application for the App _ Store _ ( iOS ) and Google _ Play store.
  9. In April 2014 LendingRobot exited beta and has become the first company to offer automated secondary market note trading on FOLIOfn, a note trading platform for Lending Club.
  10. On 3 September 2015 LendingRobot announced a partnership with Lending Club to be the first partner aligned with the Lending Club's latest initiative Lending Club Open Integration, which allows investors to open accounts through third party websites.

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