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  1. Estopinal was the oldest of ten children of the former Elisha Legier ( 1850 1925 ) and Poydras, The Estopinals are descended from Isle駉s, or settlers from the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain.
  2. On the flight home from Montreal, de Gaulle told Ren?de Saint-Legier de la Sausaye his diplomatic counsellor that the event was " a historical phenomenon that was perhaps foreseeable but it took a form that only the situation itself could determine.
  3. An anonymous contemporary described him as " that most rascall dogge knave in the worlde ", claiming that " he had the randsackings of all the Englishe lybraryes, and when he had extracted what he pleased he burnt those famouse Henry Peacham in 1622 similarly accused him of having " burned and embezeled the best and most ancient Records and Monuments of our Abbeies, Priories, and Cathedrall Churches, under colour & of making search for all such monuments, manusc . records, Legier bookes, & c . as might make for his purpose ".
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