lean in a sentence

"lean" meaning  "lean" in Chinese  
  1. She leans against a door through which someone has just departed.
  2. It is a valid excuse to lean forward in your seat.
  3. Francesca Zambello's staging seems to lean in this direction.
  4. Southern Methodist leans on QB Ramon Flanigan, who can run.
  5. The Longhorns would be dedicated, lean, mean and focused.
  6. It's difficult to find lean in a sentence.
  7. For one thing, Sybase cannot lean on Microsoft any more.
  8. Other healthy selections are fish and lean poultry without the skin.
  9. Her shoulders shook and she seemed to lean back on Bruck.
  10. 1 6-ounce piece salt pork, as lean as possible
  11. And those rambling, floppy plants need something to lean on.
  12. "They lean back and say, ` Show me.
  13. It went over a lean dress with a fitted black top.
  14. I am told it was given a lean, terse production.
  15. Q . It seems my houseplants all lean toward the window.
  16. Ed O'Bannon would never lean on such a crutch.
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