lean beef trimmings in a sentence

  1. Did you get " boneless lean beef trimmings " from a source, because if you did, I might be able to use it?
  2. For the year 2012, the USDA planned on purchasing 7 million pounds of lean beef trimmings for the U . S . national school lunch program.
  3. :I wonder if this is really a euphemism for pink slime . ( The English euphemism " boneless lean beef trimmings " is just as obscure . ) talk ) 17 : 18, 10 February 2013 ( UTC)
  4. If this was an article about "'lean finely textured beef ( LFTB ) "'and / or "'boneless lean beef trimmings ( BLBT ) "', I would accept that article was broadly compliant with the requirements for Wikipedia : Neutral point of view.
  5. It's difficult to find lean beef trimmings in a sentence.

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