lean backward in a sentence

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  1. The second position of this Rite is to lean backward as far as possible.
  2. With ball in his right hand and glove in the left, he leans backward.
  3. The rider could then lean forward to move forward or lean backward to move backward.
  4. Just lean forward and the Segway moves forward, and when you lean backward, it goes back.
  5. She clasps his hands and leans backward.
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  7. This accommodates for any player s different techniques and body designs, whether a player is bow-legged, pushes more forward, or leans backwards.
  8. When I lean backwards whilst standing, my abs and ( to a lesser extent ) chest muscles flex to help me maintain position.
  9. Bagwell demonstrated that his instinct for moving away from inside pitches is to lean backward, rather than tuck his shoulder and spin away.
  10. He was described by Louis Desaix as, " square figure . . . not a thief, big, leans backward; very dark skin ".
  11. To aid his balance, the sophomore from St . Paul, Minn . leans backward, his lower spine commiserating with women who are very pregnant.
  12. Once vertical, the paddler quickly leans backward to pop up out of the water, then powerfully drives forward to intentionally cause the boat to become over-vertical.
  13. Kuranyi headed in a corner in the 46th minute, having to lean backwards to meet it, then added a second through the air two minutes later.
  14. To get to the East Village apartment of Sharon and Ofer Levy you have to climb four flights of stairs so steep they seem to lean backward.
  15. Consider the two Mongolian girls, ages 9 and 10, who effortlessly lean backward until their bodies are curved into perfect circles, their faces smiling serenely between their ankles.
  16. People with back pain caused by arthritis, on the other hand, feel worse if they lean backward, so if they sleep on their backs, a softer bed may feel better.
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