lean back in a sentence

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  1. Club Banger of the Year : " Lean Back, " Terror Squad
  2. Herbie leans back in his chair and looks up at the ceiling.
  3. Charlie folds his hands across his stomach and leans back in thought.
  4. Breyer, in contrast, usually leans back in his chair during oral arguments.
  5. The angel supports Christ as he leans back, crying out in agony.
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  7. Then he leans back in his chair, smiles and shifts the subject.
  8. Go inside and lean back in pink recliner and try to snooze.
  9. Skip Sapp leans back in his lawn chair, picking at his guitar.
  10. You can certainly lean back in them, and they are extremely comfortable.
  11. They don't lean back in the saddle and soak up the ambience.
  12. She can't lean back in the upright chair in the waiting room.
  13. John, I want you to lean back and take a deep breath,
  14. A couple of weeks before Christmas, Stephen leans back against the headrest.
  15. Her shoulders shook and she seemed to lean back on Bruck.
  16. My friend leans back, hands rested comfortably on his modest paunch.
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