lean and mean in a sentence

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  1. The concepts downsized corporations are dealing with are lean and mean.
  2. This is an old-fashioned western, lean and mean.
  3. "Lean and mean " were his exact words.
  4. Could it be " Lean and Mean Liberalism ?"
  5. The entire West Coast is running lean and mean right now,
  6. It's difficult to find lean and mean in a sentence.
  7. In the restaurant business, you have to be lean and mean.
  8. "We've got people who are lean and mean.
  9. Here is something that is fun to say : Lean and mean.
  10. We will continue to be known as the lean and mean machine,
  11. Lean and mean American companies have come back as world trade powers.
  12. I thought Weld was bringing a lean and mean look to government.
  13. They are lean and mean and they are coming back.
  14. He is the yuppie as lean and mean CEO boasting of toughness.
  15. Programs will be lean and mean, not stuffed full of features.
  16. The fossa is long, lean and mean and it eats lemurs.
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