lean and lanky in a sentence

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  1. At 6'2 " tall and 165 pounds, he was lean and lanky.
  2. During eight years as governor, Chiles has remained lean and lanky.
  3. Shawn Green is lean and lanky, not stocky, or even brawny.
  4. He started the Texas Longhorn Breeders'Association of America in 1964 to preserve the lean and lanky cattle.
  5. Lean and lanky with silvery grey moustache and hair, wearing owlish spectacles, Esterly, 54, has a distinctly professorial mien.
  6. It's difficult to find lean and lanky in a sentence.
  7. Body types such as lean and lanky, tall and heavy or short and portly require special cuts and considerations.
  8. I'm tall, lean and lanky.
  9. Hopcraft is middle-aged, lean and lanky, with a long, narrow face, a square jaw, a thick gray mustache and a bush of curly gray hair.
  10. James Coburn, the lean and lanky actor who rose to fame playing villainous roles in early action films and won an Academy Award decades later as an alcoholic father in " Affliction, " has died of a heart attack.
  11. That was when Ralph Nader, the lean and lanky pied piper of third party politics who, as the Green Party's presidential candidate, has emerged as a notable thorn on the side of Vice President Al Gore, tapped her to run his presidential campaign.
  12. Seldom have the Jets blitzed so effectively in producing a 24-17 victory that turned on three second-half blitzes that resulted in sacks, inspired by a safety blitz by Ronnie Lott, who pounced on the lean and lanky Bledsoe as suddenly as a cougar leaps out of a tree to pounce on a startled deer.
  13. The figure features a lean and lanky Currey ( he was 6-feet-1-inches tall and 140 pounds in combat days ) wearing a historically accurate helmet, uniform and cartridge belt, clutching his trusty Browning automatic rifle _ capable of a 20-shot burst in a couple of seconds _ with which he mowed down the enemy.

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