lean and hungry in a sentence

"lean and hungry" in Chinese  
  1. It's a lone-wolf movie, lean and hungry.
  2. Indeed, he has that lean and hungry look.
  3. Or perhaps a Cassius, given Paxon's lean and hungry look.
  4. Manchester United has that lean and hungry look again.
  5. His team has that lean and hungry look.
  6. It's difficult to find lean and hungry in a sentence.
  7. It's a lean and hungry look.
  8. Tyson simply gives new meaning to that " lean and hungry look ."
  9. It had that lean and hungry look.
  10. He wants to play Cassius, a second step for this lean and hungry Hamlet.
  11. Brown liked his players " lean and hungry ", and championed quickness over bulk.
  12. His Apollo had a lean and hungry look, sharply danced with exaggerated shifts of rhythm.
  13. Marty Meehan, a lean and hungry Massachusetts congressman, is caught in a painful dilemma.
  14. The garrison grew lean and hungry.
  15. Her lean and hungry look has become less stiff and more polished in the last three years.
  16. His work included definitive caricatures expressing the English prejudice of the Scots as lean and hungry opportunists.
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