lean against the wall in a sentence

"lean against the wall" in Chinese  
  1. He is dwarfed by his assault rifle that leans against the wall.
  2. A wooden baseball bat, still tagged as evidence, leans against the wall.
  3. An old black bicycle leans against the wall near the front door.
  4. Stacks of framed photos of Sharpton lean against the wall beside his desk.
  5. A tractor with three wheels leans against the wall of an unfinished home.
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  7. A few green oxygen cylinders lean against the wall.
  8. She leans against the wall going through a series of intense emotions from sobbing to laughing.
  9. You may lean against the wall while resting, but resume walking as soon as you are able.
  10. The two of them eventually meet at a bridge, and lean against the wall on either side.
  11. Dave Zaboski, recovering from a surgically repaired Achilles tendon, leans against the wall and slides into a squat.
  12. Family photos lean against the wall under the mantel, framed in dry pasta wheels, beads, and shiny rocks.
  13. Several grim, almost expressionistic paintings _ all done by Lemper _ lean against the wall on the floor.
  14. In the old studio downstairs, unfinished canvases lean against the wall as though their creators had just stepped away.
  15. A tanned Gordie Howe, looking lean and fit in a gray suit, leans against the wall, watching and smiling.
  16. The most intriguing picture in the Gijsbrechts show, which runs through May 1, stands on a shelf and leans against the wall.
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