lean across in a sentence

"lean across" in Chinese  
  1. Breashears carefully folds his narrow hands and leans across the small table.
  2. Williams leans across the kitchen table, stabs another sausage link ..
  3. Paula Stankunas leans across her counter, her hands cupped to her mouth.
  4. Yet as she leans across the kitchen table, Dupont said she fears nothing.
  5. She puts the decaf pot back in its warmer and leans across the counter to him.
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  7. The guerrilla leans across the green felt, his breath redolent with beer and chicken fat.
  8. Especially when he lowers it, whispers, leans across the table and pours you another glass of wine.
  9. I couldn't hear every word, nor could I very well lean across the aisle to ask.
  10. Sensing that I can be trusted, O'Connor leans across her desk to whisper in my ear.
  11. Lying down on top of Sponge, Mainwaring is able to lean across the bog and pull Pike out.
  12. He smiles, leans across the table and begins singing in a deep, meaningful voice that caresses the lyrics.
  13. Gavlick stares at a picture of his 7-year-old daughter for inspiration as he leans across the hood.
  14. The detective leans across the bar, locks eyes with the creep and says : " You're lying.
  15. Sweeney leans across his desk, looks her dead in the eye and says : " That law has changed.
  16. Amos leans across the table all confidential like, almost as if he is still afraid of getting caught, and answers.
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