lean accounting in a sentence

  1. Lean accounting provides truly lean approaches to business management and financial reporting.
  2. One distinguishing feature opposes lean accounting and standard cost accounting.
  3. There are positive and negative reasons for using Lean Accounting.
  4. Indeed, few of the methods of Lean Accounting are new ideas.
  5. Manufacturing may want to consider moving away from traditional accounting and adopting lean accounting.
  6. It's difficult to find lean accounting in a sentence.
  7. Lean accounting is primarily used within lean manufacturing.
  8. There are two main thrusts for Lean Accounting.
  9. The Lean Accounting reporting motivates people in the organization to move lean improvement forward.
  10. At a deeper level Lean Accounting matches the cultural goals of a lean organization.
  11. Lean accounting provides financial reports that are readily understandable to anyone in the company.
  12. Lean accounting methods enable value-based pricing.
  13. Lean Accounting is also itself lean.
  14. Lean Accounting has an important role to play in developing a lean culture within an organization.
  15. Most companies using lean accounting create standard templates for the various kinds of daily routine decisions.
  16. The positive reasons include the issues addressed in the " Vision for Lean Accounting " shown above.
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