leakage in a sentence

"leakage" meaning  "leakage" in Chinese  
  1. You do get leakage before announcements, " said Phenix.
  2. Other O-rings provide the primary seal against exhaust leakage.
  3. The undigested fat is often voided in oily stools or leakages.
  4. Infections and perpetual leakage of urine are among the side effects.
  5. If this were done, there would have been no leakage,
  6. It's difficult to find leakage in a sentence.
  7. Kramer said tests done Friday showed no sign of valve leakage.
  8. Ways and means have to be explored to plug this leakage.
  9. An initial investigation indicated that a water leakage was to blame.
  10. _Redesigned oil pump with reduced internal leakage and reduced friction.
  11. There were no injuries and no oil leakage, Svensson said.
  12. Transformers are therefore normally designed to have very low leakage inductance.
  13. This sensory leakage contributed to Rhine's experiments being discredited.
  14. Similar structures are found in deep water related to methane leakages.
  15. This variant also helps protect against information leakage and traffic analysis.
  16. Leakage rates of 50 % are not uncommon in urban systems.
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