lead to in a sentence

"lead to" meaning  "lead to" in Chinese  
  1. No more than 7 percent of reported crimes lead to convictions.
  2. Police said they have information that may lead to further arrests.
  3. The marquee leads to the World Wrestling Federation store and restaurant.
  4. But excessive concern about Chinese sensitivity can lead to policy paralysis.
  5. That could lead to a collapse of the already fragile currency.
  6. It's difficult to find lead to in a sentence.
  7. Minnesota boosted its lead to 15 to begin the fourth quarter.
  8. You can help lead to a future of peace and promise.
  9. He said revealing the strategy could lead to higher wholesale prices.
  10. The nature of a bureaucracy inevitably leads to an oligarchic structure.
  11. Zedillo had said that lowering the tax would lead to inflation.
  12. Sanding produces particles that can lead to allergies and respiratory sicknesses.
  13. The investigation did not lead to charges against any top officials.
  14. An inspection often leads to several thousand dollars worth of repairs.
  15. The investigations could lead to fines or suspension of broadcast licenses.
  16. This freakish incident would lead to the end of her career.
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