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  1. He is a southpaw whose lateral movement is atypical for Cubans.
  2. But all these laterals lately have been giving the coach fits.
  3. Switzer said of Sanders'second-quarter lateral to Teague.
  4. Dust off the flea flicker, or the hook and lateral.
  5. He has great lateral movement and runs the court exceptionally well.
  6. It's difficult to find lateral in a sentence.
  7. Henry rumbled 36 yards and tried to lateral to Orpheus Roye.
  8. But his best attribute is said to be his lateral movement.
  9. This is kind of a lateral move in terms of scariness.
  10. -- The lateral, telescoping movement of the steering wheel.
  11. These lateral forces on the wheels cause it to move along,
  12. "I wasn't supposed to catch the lateral.
  13. Receiver Derrick Mason then trails Byrd downfield as a lateral option.
  14. Occupants are at the mercy of strong lateral forces in turns.
  15. That was due to concerns about Bryant's lateral quickness.
  16. I am here to show lots of speed and lateral movement.
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