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  1. Its structure had not taken into account the stresses of lateral wind and storms.
  2. To cope with lateral winds and potential seismic forces, the shear walls were made with high-performance concrete.
  3. In fact, the lateral wind load imposed on super-tall structures is generally the governing factor in the structural design.
  4. Imagine a ball at a certain height falling on the surface of earth under the condition that no lateral wind force is applied.
  5. Railway engineer Mr Footner advised that the designers of the Tay Rail Bridge had not taken into account the stresses of lateral wind and storms.
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  7. In the district of Kleve near the Dutch border, a 30-year-old man was killed when his car was rammed by a truck pushed into the wrong lane by lateral winds.
  8. The sides of the bridge are fitted with baffle plates to reduce lateral wind loads coming from the Severn Estuary onto the traffic; this has reduced the number of times that speed restrictions have been needed.
  9. Because of the current and the lateral wind forces, they would have described a large curve allowing for a sort of horizontal " sag " of the cables in order to prevent the tension to increase indefinitely.

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