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  1. The ureters run posteriorly on the lateral walls of the pelvis.
  2. The ends of the lateral walls have been warn from over use.
  3. The lateral walls, especially their middle area, are relatively more rigid.
  4. Its lateral walls present traces of an 11th-century phase of construction.
  5. It extends most of the length of the nasal cavity s lateral wall.
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  7. Each of the lateral walls has a stone bench.
  8. Brodmann area 7 spans both the medial and lateral walls of the parietal cortex.
  9. The lateral walls are bare, but were certainly once covered with gorgeous mosaics.
  10. It is the lateral wall of the axilla.
  11. The lateral walls continued without the bichrome decoration.
  12. Traces of the dilapidated narra hardwood posts and lateral walls which are still intact.
  13. The top of these lateral walls are topped by twelve panels of monochromatic azulejo tile.
  14. It has three altars, the principal and two others embedded to the lateral walls.
  15. The lower terminal is protected by two lateral walls to prevent the invasion of sand.
  16. In the first frame of the lateral walls are two narrow windows with rounded frame.
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