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  1. The angle is measured on a frog lateral view of the bilateral hips.
  2. Variimorda villosa-Lateral view These very small beetles are present in most of Europe.
  3. Lateral view of emergent salt dome from ridge of remnant of displaced overburden
  4. In lateral view, the dentary shows a prominent ridge running diagonally across the bone.
  5. Drawings of differences in Asiatic striped squirrel species-close-up of the head region in lateral view
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  7. According to DeMar, the skull depth increases posteriorly and decreases anteriorly when in lateral view.
  8. Lateral view The adults grow up to long.
  9. The unerupted teeth are triangular in lateral view, which is the typical tooth morphology in basal ornithischians.
  10. In lateral view the head has a trianguloid shape with the dorsal margin straight or slightly concave.
  11. However, one of the original images, showing the lateral view, was obtained by Gary Mangiacopra in 1994.
  12. The femur was slightly sigmoidal ( S-curved ) in lateral view rather than straight as in other sauropods.
  13. Diagnostic x-rays include anteroposterior, oblique, and lateral views and should be made with the foot in full flexion.
  14. In some cases, an internal oblique radiography and radionuclide imaging can add information to anterior-posterior and lateral views.
  15. It is low, flat or weakly convex, and is invisible in lateral view, which is a good identifying feature.
  16. The drawings show first the cross section, and then the lateral view, of the dart in that particular species.
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